November 19, 2012

Family Getaway

Hoorey!!!!!!!!!Family Getaway!!!
Since the school holidays is started, my Family IL love come to KeL!
And of coz SOGO and JALAN TAR will be they every day pit stop,ahahaha...
You can't imagine how passion and how much RM their spent!!!

Cameron Highlands was our family getaway for 2 days 1 Night!!!
Really exhausted now,i need nappy time!!!
But here I am in office , saving the annual leave and work chores ( wahaha ) ...
I can't wait for another family getaway but maybe just four of us,hehehe...
Before aira become 'kakak',I really hope that I can save the energy to comfort,hugs and 
cuddles both of them every day!!
And YES,to Mr.Dota thank you for being supportive to me!!!Without you, I can't control
myself when the hard moments come...I Love three of you!!!
And lastly, Happy Birthday to my princess,aira!!!!
Mommy prayed that you will always be in good health,stay active!!!!

* Bharat Tea Plantation *

* muka semakin sembap *

* nyumnyum .....*

* Selamat Hari Jadi Adik!!!!*
** no cakes and birthday party since mommy is craving for Cup Cakes **


Just said...

happy buffday aira!!

btw, 2x kami p cameron this yr dua2x pun tidak terpigi melawat ladang tea! huhuhu...

Maymel said...

ini pun sebab tersinggah ja just...klu bukan sebab mau lepak2,tedala pigi ladang teh,huhu