July 7, 2014

Salam Ramadan

Alhamdulilah, hari ini masuk hari ke 9 umat islam berpuasa, insyaallah.
Well, my mission for this Ramadan is trying to cooked for the whole Ramadan..
But sometimes we can't deal with the obstacles (cis....padahal alasan memanjang kan)
Last week,our ' sahur ' and  'if tar ' was chicken and meat for the whole week!

Gosshhhh, you not gonna believe me,  lastly, aku makan sardin cap ayam brand yang simple tu juga,kakakkaa....

Ada juga pergi bazar Ramadan,but surprisingly I'm not appetite with the foods and drinks..
Entah kenapa,maybe my ' nawaitu ' from the beginning Ramadan.
This year, we decided to teach Emi how to fasting...she only managed to complete half day for two days,kwangkwang...
All the cepu emas question pun keluar...

Why I need to fast?
Are you fasting Mommy?Daddy?
But why ?I'm hungry and exhausted!!

But it's OK Emi,slowly do it....Apa yang penting,belajar solat dulukan?
Happy fasting day people!!