September 22, 2014

Health Screening

Our beloved MET Club had been organized Health Screening Test to all the members club.
Since I was one of the committee member, so I'm the top ten candidates for the first hour.
Alhamdulilah, the result shows I'm in good health except the BMI!
This is the worst weight that I've gained!!!I realized I couldn't button my jeans and pants!
BUT i don't even bother it!I let myself eat,eat,eat..Mr.Dota never,never ever trying to remind me,so  i kept thinking I'm in good shape(walawei...)*tampar muka sendiri banyak kali tau*

So,the conclusion are.... trying to exercise regularly, mind the food ,the calories...
No fast foods (since we banned MCD ),KFC still trying minimize the frequently...
Less sugar( O my...teh tarik pak yub ), No cheese,drink at least 3 L water a day, drink green tea to help increasing my metabolism!!

So I started to forcing myself to overlook myself again,love the SWEAT even more and more,trying to be more energetic and let the 
lamak-lamak bergegar!!!!muahahaha......

Me & Mr.Dota

              Me : Hm...DO you think I'm fat?

              Mr.Dota : NO!!Why?You look good with your own shape now

                        Me : Are you blind or what?My BMI proudly announced me that                                         I"M *******.The sexy lady said my perfect weight is** kg and i                                       need to worked harder to reduce the fat and the kilos.

              Mr.Dota : giggled,giggled and answer

              Me            : Hm...Well I'm waiting here patiently!!

              Mr.Dota : B,please!!!That's a very tricky question!
                                  I hardly don't know how to answer it because you are unpredictable

             Giggled again and again....

             OK ,bye

1 comment:

Just said...

Hahahah... trus teringat dialog sama enche suami...

Me : Org gumuk ka?
Him : Ko gumuk pun, sy syg jg ma ko
Me : Jd, betul la org gemuk?
Him : Ya, gumuk.
Me : Haihh.. mau diet ni tau!

Keekekeke... tiba2, rindu dia.. hehehehe